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Name:Richard Danberry
Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:New York, United States of America

The Man

(PB: Zachary Levi)

Richard Danberry is your standard tech/fantasy geek in most aspects, he works with computers, he likes fantasy and sci-fi shows, movies and books possible a little more than healthy, and unrepentant about all of this. However, what most don't know is that Rick also has an ability, the ability to make any item he sees appear in reality.
The Myth

(PB: Matt Bomer)

2D is Rick's 'hero form' as he puts it. He was created back when Rick was being hunted by an organization that wanted to bring him in because of his ability. Due to the fact they only had a general location and what his ability was, they went after everyone in the area to find him. During a moment of stress and fear, he managed to call up enough energy to allow him to change his form from his normal self to 2D. After escaping and some time spent making sure he and everyone he knew was safe, Rick decided to keep 2D, making a watch which allowed him to change back and forth between his forms. While generally exactly like Rick, when 2D, Rick can be a little more cocky and impulsive than he would be normally. Strength, speed and agility increase slightly, allowing him to handle combat situations better than he could normally.

His outfit as 2D generally consists of a suit(usually black pants, jacket and tie with a white shirt, but it does vary) with dress shoes and sunglasses.

The Legend

Rick currently owns and runs a business called "Rick D's Tech Support", started back in 2009 so he could make money while helping people as 2D, and not have to explain to a boss why he kept disappearing. Currently his business has expanded and he has taken on seven other employees, all people with abilities like himself so they would have a place where they could feel like they belonged. Everyone at his business knows about 2D, and assist him in keeping his cover when away on jobs for clients.

Rick's clients for his IT business range all over the place, from the wealthy to the not so much, with Rick balancing the fees so those who can't afford help can get it anyway. For 2D however, he will help anyone in need who needs the help and nowhere else to go, charging only those who can afford it and want him just because of his reputation(which he takes great steps to keep hidden from the public).
[ Rick's Employees . Rick's Apartment . Story of Rick . link ]

(Original Character, RP account, not Zachary Levi or Matt Bomer, or associated with them in any way. Both mun and muse are over 18.)
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